Attenuator Modules

Multi-Channel MEMS Attenuator Module

DiCon’s Multi-Channel MEMS Attenuator Module consists of an array of 8 or less MEMS Attenuator components which are used for multi-channel attenuation. DiCon’s MEMS Attenuator is based on a micro-electro-mechanical system (MEMS) chip. Multi-Channel MEMS Attenuator Modules create a significant reduction in the amount of board space which needs to be dedicated to attenuation.


Multi-Channel MEMS Attenuator Modules are used to attenuate power levels for multiple wavelength channels or bands. Primary applications include dynamic gain equalizers, DWDM and MUX/DMUX module power level control.


Housing Dimensions
8 Channel Drawing

Units: mm


  • Low polarization dependent loss over the entire wavelength range
  • Ultra-low current consumption
  • Smallest multi-channel attenuator package in the telecom industry
  • Qualified to GR-1221

Optical Specifications

Ordering Information

SCD 0048 Rev B