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Network Attenuator

DiCon’s Network Attenuator is a stepper motor-based component which is used to adjust power levels in DWDM network transmission systems. It features a novel shutter design, which can be customized to provide any arbitrary relationship between insertion loss and control voltage.


Network Attenuators are used to adjust gain tilt in erbium-doped fiber amplifiers. Network attenuators can also be used for signal pre-emphasis of WDM lasers in long haul systems as well as power equalization in optical add/drop multiplexers and optical cross connects.

Housing Dimensions


  • Low polarization dependent loss and wavelength flatness over the entire attenuation range
  • Standard model features ultra-linear response function
  • Customer-specified attenuation range and response function
  • Optional input and output monitors

Optical Specifications

Ordering Information

SCD 0015 Rev C