Prism Optical Switches

1x2 Prism Switch

DiCon's 1x2 Prism Switch provides channel selection between one input fiber and two output fibers. Actuated electrically and operating independently of data rate and signal format, the component uses a moving prism between fixed collimators. DiCon's 1x2 Prism Switch can be built with Corning SMF-28, Flexcor 1060 or Polarization Maintaining Panda fiber.


  • 1x2 Prism Switches with Corning SMF-28 fiber can be used for protection switching or in reconfigurable optical add/drop multiplexing modules.

  • 1x2 Prism Switches with Panda fiber can be used to switch between light sources which use polarization maintaining fiber pigtails.

  • 1x2 Prism Switches with Flexcor 1060 fiber can be used to switch between different 980 nm pump laser sources.


Housing Dimensions


  • Ultra low insertion loss

  • Built in position sensor

  • Flexible fiber types and wavelength ranges

Optical Specifications

Ordering Information

SCD 0008 Rev E (Updated:3/28/02)