Prism Optical Switches

On-Off Optical Switch

DiCon's On-Off Optical Switch provides channel control from one input fiber to one output fiber. Actuated electrically and operating independently of data rate and signal format, the component uses a moving shutter between a fixed collimator pair. DiCon's On-Off Optical Switch can be built with Corning SMF-28, Flexcor 1060 or Polarization Maintaining Panda fiber.


On-Off Optical Switches provide a means of interrupting an optical signal. They are commonly used to isolate sources and receivers in test equipment and high security networks.


Housing Dimensions


  • Ultra low insertion loss

  • Built in position sensor

  • Flexible fiber types and wavelength ranges

Optical Specifications

Ordering Information

SCD 0007 Rev F (Updated:3/28/02)